Dive into Deep Learning
Table Of Contents
Dive into Deep Learning
Table Of Contents

Dive into Deep Learning

Dive into Deep Learning

An interactive deep learning book with code, math, and discussions

The contents are under revision

Aston Zhang

Amazon Applied Scientist

Zack C. Lipton

Amazon Applied Scientist
CMU Assistant Professor

Mu Li

Amazon Principal Scientist

Alex J. Smola

Amazon VP/Distinguished Scientist
TU Berlin Ph.D.

We thank all the community contributors
for making this open source book better for everyone.

Contribute to the book.

Each section is an executable Jupyter notebook

You can modify the code and tune hyperparameters to get instant feedback to accumulate practical experiences in deep learning.

Mathematics + Figures + Code

We offer an interactive learning experience with mathematics, figures, code, text, and discussions, where concepts and techniques are illustrated and implemented with experiments on real data sets.

Active community support

You can discuss and learn with thousands of peers in the community through the link provided in each section.

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